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We have a variety of guests lined up. Ranging from Cosplayers, Performers, YouTubers, Panelists and More.
Vocafest UK & Ireland

Vocafest UK & Ireland

We are a fan organised Vocal Synth event group, we create a range of Online and Real life events for any VOCALOID Fans!!
We have created a fan MMD Concert, featuring popular synths such as Hatsune Miku, Yuzuki Yukari, MEGPOID GUMI & IA!!
We hope you're excited to see some of your favourite digital divas perform on stage for you again!!

The Eclipse Idols

The Eclipse Idols

The Eclipse Idols are a UK Based idol group who are super excited to perform for all of you this October.



Har-Q is a hip-hop worshipper maintaining the pillars of hip-hop especially lyrically. Clever, witty, diverse content of songs from club to fairytale.

Mangaloids Podcast

Mangaloids Podcast

We are Weeb warriors, tasked with helping others find their way into the warm embrace of good anime. Join us on our journey to review different anime to help you find your perfect show and become complete within yourself... We also like Waifus.

Crossing Turtle

Crossing Turtle

CrossingTurtle is a YouTuber who posts anime covers and is excited to be performing for you this weekend.

Cerulean Cutie

Cerulean Cutie

Hai hai! I'm CeruleanCutie, a streamer and content creator on Twitch and YouTube! I really like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario Kart, and I've been learning how to speedrun both series of games! I like to have a comfy atmosphere when I stream, and I hope I can invoke that same feeling on stage! It would be an honor to see you come and see me perform! I'll see you there!

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